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Hour 1: Cenk is hosting. Mort Zuckerman has given to the Clinton Foundation about $500,000 to $100,000. Mort Zuckerman’s Net worth is about $2.4 billion. Mort Zuckerman owns the Daily News. If Bernie were to be President it will affect the tax bracket for Mort Zuckerman. Current taxes 27.2 million…Bernie 154.08 million. Yesterday, the Daily News, there was a conflict of with Bernie Sanders news. Also according to the Daily News that Sanders will be become constructive. And Bernie will be invasive.
Hillary believes that Bernie doesn’t understand economy and people, therefore she believes that Sander isn’t qualified to be President. Sanders believes that Clinton isn’t qualified to be President as well because she approved certain things that affect the economy, especially taking Wall Street money. Few years ago back, Clinton felt that Obama wasn’t qualified to be President however now she supports President Obama. Hillary Clinton believes that Bernie is siding with gun manufacturers therefore she throws Sandy Hooks cases at Bernie about gun control. Jeff Forbes has represent the NRA for years. Yet, Jeff Forbes attends Hillary Clinton fundraiser in which Clinton doesn’t like guns. Hillary’s supporters were called PUMA in which it stands for Party Unity My Ass however this took place years ago. A while back Hillary Clinton come african american kids perportors.

Hour 2: More Professors at UC Berkeley has been fired for sexual conducted. One indecent a Professor sent a sexual email to a student about sniffing her shirt and inviting her to his cabin. Another Professor told a student he was attracted to her and then cupping her ear. Moreover, Professor, who is Massage Therapist, was massaging his student, however he touched her underwear and gential after she said can you focus on my shoulders. There is a Virtual Reality Sex Suit called Fully Body Virtual Interface. It is worth $400.00. It comes from Japan. British tabloids are upset can’t write Celebrity Affair. Under British law public figures can face public criticism and therefore British want to protect the privacy of public figures.

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