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Hour 1: Now that the fallout from the Panama Papers tax haven has reached the world, the PM of Iceland has resigned since he was one of the names exposed. Cenk talks about how trade deals with countries like Panama were solely put in place to allow the rich and corporations to stash their money there to avoid taxes. Video of Bernie Sanders pointing out this obvious fact back in 2011 when he spoke out against the trade deal being proposed. Another video of Hillary Clinton speaking strongly in favor of the Panama trade deal, to boost the American economy. One more video of Cenk calling out News Corp for its promotion of the Panama trade deal back in 2011. Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are coming out hard against Bernie Sanders and his lies about her campaign. Video of Clinton lashing out at a GreenPeace advocate that asked her if she’ll stop taking fossil fuel money. Video of Clinton telling MTP that she feels sorry for young people that are buying into Sanders’ lies about her. Cenk breaks down The WashPost declaration that Sanders assertion deserves “3 Pinocchios.” Video of Barney Frank telling TYT Politics that people shouldn’t distrust Hillary for taking tons of money from banks, and that we can’t let the GOP get all that bank money. Video of James Carville’s amazement with the support for Bernie Sanders and talk of a revolution. Another video of Carville lamenting Hillary’s lower numbers, blaming it on the GOP attacking and some Dems piling on to the stupid attacks.

Hour 2: A condom company wanted to spread its message of safe sex, so they took to Tinder and created a bunch of fake profiles with suggestive names that sound like STDs, including some facts about the particular diseases. Talk about the stigma behind carrying condoms. Glamour magazine is looking to be more exclusive of all body types, so they used Amy Schumer as a plus sized example, without her permission. She responded by pointing out that she isn’t a plus size.

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