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Hour 1: John and Michael Schure is hosting. Wednesday night in Town Hall meeting Trump wants to punish woman who has had abortion. Ted Cruz speaks on abortion, but he view is going with the culture of abortion. Fox news is excusing Trump’s comments because they say he is new to this election and Trump is learning as he goes. Andrea Tantoros says Clintons are the blame for the abortion. One of the supporter says that Trump didn’t mean what he said about abortion. Trump doesn’t understand about abortion and women’s rights. Vox put together a pew research of who supports what issue in the elections.

Hour 2: Hollywood is trying to keep revenge porn legal. Some porn stars want their privacy to be protect. A man in Sacramento is upset that people are having sex in the park. So, he has taken upon myself to film them by setting surveillance camera in the park, and then show to authorities. NYT published a reporting about concussion in the NFL. However NFL is demanding that they Times recent investigation into leagues bogus concussion studies be retracted. A trendy challenge in China is occurring, women are using iPhone to measure their thighs for skinniness.

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