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Cenk is hosting. There were several funny moments during the debate. Trumps weird facial expressions, Jeb bush standing on his tippy toes, high fives, and awkward handshakes. During the debate, Trump and Fiorina attack each other on bad business they have done in jobs. Fiorina talks about what she had done with companies, however some of the things she did was misleading. Trump was telling the truth about how bad she did with H.P.  Fiorina was fired and she is considered the worst CEO of all time according to NY Times. Cenk points out that the reason Carly Fiorina is running for president is to be the attacker of Hillary Clinton without being seen as the sexist GOP. This was illustrated when one big conservative Super PAC gave $5 million to Cruz’ campaign, it also gave $500K to Carly’s campaign. One of her fundraisers admitted that they told her they want her in the race to attack Hillary.

Japanese was fighting over parliament.  Several states have the death penalty, however California has more death sentence than any others state.

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