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The Young Turks - 2.18.15: War Against ISIS, Krispy Kreme Apology, Circumcision & Unstoppable Runner

Live streaming from YouTube Space LA. Cenk hosting. Conservative bloggers are ranting and raving against President Obama for not doing enough against ISIS, Cenk breaks down that myth with reported airstrikes against ISIS and outrageous observations from Bill O’Reilly and Rev.Franklin Graham. Recent polls have also shown disapproval with Obama’s handling of ISIS, with that Chris Matthews chimes in on that with a lack from the lessons of history.

Cenk and Ana hosting. The UK has recently revealed their love for Krispy Kreme on Wednesdays, by calling Wednesdays “KKK Wednesday”. A new movement is calling for the return of uncircumcised penises along with, breaking down the long held beliefs of the importance of health in circumcision. A runner from Kenya recently ran a marathon in Austin Texas and finished third by crawling to the finish line showing clearly of hitting the “runners wall”

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from February 18, 2015. For more go to

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