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The Young Turks - 11.19.14: Net Neutrality, Banksters, Bill Cosby & Uber

Cenk and Iadarola host TYT today. After Ted Cruz tweeted that Net Neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet, Sen Franken dispelled his misconceptions on CNN and explained why keeping the internet as it is doesn’t control the American people, the way Cruz is saying. Cenk doesn’t think Cruz is too dumb to understand this, but that he’s purposely deceiving his followers. Video of Ted Cruz responding to Franken with a straw man telephone analogy is played. Seven of the largest corporations in the country pay a -2.5% tax rate while paying their CEOs an average of $17 million/year. Researchers tested bankers with an Honesty Test. When asked about their occupation before asking them unrelated questions, the following questions were answered dishonestly because the context of their dishonest job was in the forefront of their minds.  

Ana joins Cenk for SCS. Don Lemon interviewed one of Bill Cosby’s rape accusers and grilled her on why she didn’t just bite his penis while performing oral sex. Janice Dickenson has revealed that she was raped by Bill Cosby, too. Although it’s seen as a new revelation, she told the story years and years ago. In response to this deluge of allegations, Cosby’s Netflix standup will not be released, and his upcoming sitcom on NBC will not be broadcast. More on the fallout over the Uber executive investigating and smearing journalists. Apparently, Uber has technology that can track their customers without their knowledge. Ashton Kutcher, an investor with Uber, decided to come out in support of the executive’s plan to investigate and dig up information on journalists they don’t like.

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