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John, Cenk, Jimmy, and Dave host the hour 1 power panel. Cable news coverage of Ebola did not generate increased ratings, in fact their ratings declined compared to other months. Jimmy rants about how terrible cable news has become over time and gives a recent example of a report by Luke Russert. The panel gives their own examples of how cable and network news has become predictable and dishonest. Conservative news site ‘American News’ posted an article, from a satirical site, about the first person to die from a Death Panel. The person who they believed was killed was actress Bea Arthur, who passed away years ago. Rassmussen ran an a poll that asked how many people believe that Obamacare is ‘stupid’.

Ana replaces Dave on the power panel for hour 2. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Journalist, Malcolm Gladwell, rips the NFL and football in general for being a ‘moral abomination’. The panel compares football to other violent sports and wonder why is it always the focus of attention when there are other sports like boxing and MMA that cause more physical damage yet don’t receive the same amount of scrutiny as the NFL. An exorcism is conducted outside of a Starbucks in Austin Texas. The panel wonders about the validity of the video. The government of Uganda has an arrest warrant for a Ugandan pop star after nude pictures of her were leaked on the internet.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from November 14, 2014. For more go to

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