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Cenk hosts TYT. The head of ISIS (Al-Baghdadi) was struck by a drone over the weekend and may have been critically wounded. Former President George W Bush was interviewed, talked about his father and mentioned that nothing was given to him and that he earned his way in to politics by himself. Republican Gordon Klingenschmitt was recently elected to the Colorado state house, wrote a book about exorcising demons and thinks that the demonic spirit of tyranny is using President Obama. He also claims to have performed an exorcism on a woman and cured her from being a lesbian. President Obama put out a statement today on net neutrality, saying net neutrality has its beginnings in the creation of the internet. He went on to say that the FCC should create a system for a level playing field for everyone and that the phone companies and internet providers should not be the gatekeepers. Ted Cruz says that “net neutrality is Obamacare for the internet: the internet should not operate at the speed of the government”. Andrew Napolitano chimes in on net neutrality on Stuart Varney’s show saying it’s “Orwellian”.

Cenk, Gina Grad, and Shaunna Malcom of Pop Trigger host SCS. Drones are now being used for porno shoots under a new term called “Drone boning”. Rick Perry made an appearance for a Q&A at Dartmouth with questions about sodomy and butt-pirates. Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis has been accused by a local TV station of flashing a gang sign with a convicted felon in a photograph. The NY Times reports on wishlist items that law enforcement would seize during arrests. A man in China purchased 99 iphones to propose to his girlfriend who ended up turning him down.

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