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Hour 1: Donald Trump told a NY crowd about the disaster on 7/11 and how courageous people were. Video of the mistaken date from Trump. At another campaign speech in NY, Trump talked about how he helped clean up “a little bit” after 9-11 where he saw courageous people. Video of this lie. Roger Stone, a Republican strategist and TV pundit, has gone over the edge with his Trump advocacy. He spoke about the delegates that may not vote for Trump at the RNC, threatening to give out their hotel room numbers. He also went on to say that he’s not condoning violence upon them, but that if it somehow happens, it wouldn’t be his fault. Trump told a gaggle of reporters that the delegate system is corrupt and went on to tell them that he can bribe them for their votes by sending them on extravagant trips.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told TYT Politics that the Democratic Party is able to absorb corrupt, and bought politicians that take money and orders from corporations. Video of her answer to Jordan Chariton. Another TYT Politics video of Barney Frank telling Chariton that Democrats should take money from large banks so that the GOP won’t take it all and win all the time. Despite his assertion that it does nothing to their Congressional votes, he has said in the past that it doesn’t make any sense to assume being paid by banks don’t affect their decisions.

Hour 2: Ana joins Cenk for SCS. A Georgia cop lost his temper and threatened residents while visiting the house of a couple he accused of trafficking drugs. After the police officials claimed they’ve reprimanded and punished the officer, they refused to release his name. Video of the confrontation. Since no one got shot, Cenk and Ana almost felt that this is a feel good story. Cenk points out that the residents were White, so this is the reason no one was immediately murdered. A study in the SF Bay Area showed that traffic tickets and similar violations are disproportionately targeted at poor and Black citizens. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard released a heartfelt apology video after they snuck her pet dogs into Australia when they visited. The video was greeted with comedic mocking.

A Florida man that used to work for the Kardashians has decided to legally change his name to Bruce Jenner to pay homage to the male identity of the former olympic champion. A gay pastor released a video complaining about a cake he bought from Whole Foods that read, “Love Wins, Fag.” Ana isn’t sure about his story. A teenager is facing charges for live streaming her friend being raped by a man on Periscope. They met the man at a local mall and accepted his invitation to go home with him and drink. The girl that taped the crime claims she did it to document the evidence. Cenk is skeptical of her defense.

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