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The Young Turks - 10.24.14: Frank Mankiewicz, Squarespace, Feminism & College Corruption

Cenk, Ana, Iadarola, and Desi Doyen hosting. Cenk remembers the life of Frank Mankiewicz.

The top 10 Squarespace winners are announced. A popular NYC restaurant investigated why their wait time and service have suffered in the past 10 years, causing more disgruntled customers and complaints. After comparing 2014 tapes of patrons, to 2004 tapes, they discovered that customers’ incessant cell phone use caused a normal dinner time to be increased by nearly 1 hour. It has been revealed that a large number of student athletes at UNC took nonexistent classes that gave them excellent grades. The scam ran from 1993-2011.

A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 24, 2014. For more go to

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